File & Folder Unlocker


Eliminate those files that resist being deleted


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'The action can't be completed because the folder or a file in it is open in another program'. That's a message that you'll often seen when you're trying to delete a file or directory.

It happens when one or several of the files that you want to delete are being used by an active process within your system.

File & Folder Unlocker is a free, portable tool that will help you solve this problem by giving you complete and total control over those files.

Besides giving you the ability to delete those pesky files, you can also use File & Folder Unlocker to search for files that are open or running, and examine the files used by each active system process.

In this way, File & Folder Unlocker proves itself to be an excellent tool to help you get rid of any 'rebel' files in your system.
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